Agriculture and forestry

Farstorps Gård
The farm is situated around 20 km east of Vetlanda and is a rationally-run agricultural and forestry farm, focused on milk and meat production.

Of the total 720 ha, around 170 ha is for agriculture. 200 livestock animals are in barns, of which half are dairy cows. Milk production per cow totals around 9000 kg per year. The dairy herd is SRB.
The cattle-shed has a modern feeding set-up for ensilage and hay and a computerized feeding unit. A modern engineering workshop and machine hall make it possible for four men to run the operation.
520 ha of forest land is spruce dominated with very good site quality. The level of ambition of clearing and rejuvenation is high, in order to lay a good foundation for future stocks. High natural values in key biotopes and edible forests are preserved and created in specially treated forests.

Falsterbo Bruk
The property consists of many connected levels, situated in Kalmar county, Västervik municipality and Hjorthed parish. Scenic hilly terrain with large elements of lakes and mountains dominated by pine forests. With consideration to the environment and biodiversity, the company carries out modern and rational forestry with a well-developed road network for heavy traffic. The goal is to generally maintain the tree density and increase the proportion of deciduous forest. The acreage amounts to just over 4000 ha, of which 3000 ha is productive forest.

The company's forests are FSC® and PEFC™ double certified according to FSC-C006219 and PEFC S 03676.

Manager, Tomas Granlund, tel +46 (0)383 76 36 24
Farstorps Gård, Anders Linusson, tel +46 (0)383 803 09

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