The environment is important and we are reminded of this daily. We want to do what is possible to reduce the climate impact at all stages, from production to purchasing , deliveries, ect.

Below, we have the measures that we are taking and will take in the future. 


We cannot change the whole world alone, but we can contribute to ensure that our children and future generations have a better environment.


We call this MP bolagen Reduced

Cable ladders, wire ladders and accessories in Z4-material

It is common knowledge that hot-dip galvanized products can installed outdoors, but with respect to the enviroment, the manufacturing process is not gentle. This entails transport to and from the facility for hot-dip galvanizing after manufacturing. We have developed a new material that we call Z4. The plate is finished from the steel mill and self-heals, for example, after drilling. The surface treatment corresponds to a minimum of 85 µm, compared to a traditional hot-dip galvanized product which is normally maximum 60 µm. Some accessories cannot be manufactured in Z4 depending on material thickness, so you have to choose hot-dip galvanized.

The cable ladders with accessories are approved for up to corrosiveness class C4.

Good environmental choice - fewer transports, higher corrosion resistance and lower price!

Traditional hot-dip galvanized cable ladder after 1050 hours salt test

Z4 cable ladder after 1050 hours salt test

Production of solar energy
We have invested in solar cell systems at our production facilities in Ekenässjön. We produce approximately 1 million kWh per year and currently this corresponds to 35% of our annual consumpion.

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The production facility on Barkvägen in Ekenässjön



Cardboard boxes are selected with FSC marking and we have also reduced the thickness of some packaging in order to both reduce the input product but also reduce the waste outside on the construction sites. Changing from plastic to carboard packaging takes place continuously on suitable products.

Aluminum with less climate impact

Low carbon dioxide aluminum is an obvious choice for us. This material is used in products such as wall trunkings, service poles and strapping profile. We maintain the same malleability, quality and strength, but the climate impact is significantly reduced compare to before. Carbon dioxide emissions per kilogram of aluminum are reduced by 40% from 6.7 to 4 kilograms. For an office buliding that needs 100m of wall trunkings, the reduction corresponds to 1000 kilometers of driving with a petrol car.

see more about our low-carbon aluminum here..

Pipe for MP Duo service poles in low carbon aluminum

Company cars
According to the policy for company cars, the car owner´s driving pattern and best choice for the environment are evaluated, witch determines the choice of vehicle or fuel.


Charging posts

Charging posts will continuously be installed for staff and visitors at all of our facilities.


Changeover to LED-lights take place on an ongoing basis in our facilities  and we also have motion detectors in production and warehouse areas to save energy when no one is in that area.

Optimization of working hours

In the painting facility, we have optimized working houres to reduce energy consumption and as a bonus, the staff is off every other Friday. This maens that every tenth working day we do not have to start the energy demanding ovens. The planning takes place so that the costomers are not affected by longer delivery times.

Painting facility

Scrap recycling

All production involves a certain amount of scrap regardless of how advanced it is. No less than 30 different fractions are sorted out in order  to recycle in the most optimized way possible.