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The environment is increasingly important and we are reminded of this daily.  We want to do what´s possible to reduce the climate impact at all stages, from production to purchasing , deliveries,  etc. 
One step on the way is that we are now switching to low-carbon aluminium, read more about this below.
The collective name for our sustainability work is
MP bolagen Reduced

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Conscious choices in a sustainable direction

High quality is the basis for all our choices. Our promise for the future is to be at the forefront and think sustainability - at the same time. 

We are ISO 14001 certified and work on continious improvement, such as finding renewable materials - and taking care of the earth´s resources. 

Aluminium is easy to shape and also allows complex solutions. The result is light, flexible and very durable.

Recycled aluminium radically reduces energy consumption but the avaliable volumes are still too small. We looked for other ways to reduce our climate footprint without sacrificing quality, Now we present an alternative that takes us a little further. 

From now on we choose low-carbon aluminium, wich is mined and manufactured in a way that minimizes climate emissions. 

Our suppliers have succeeded in reducing, optimizing and restructing, all the way from bauxite mining to processing.

The production is fundamentally tuned: to extract and refine this aluminium, only renewable energy from water, wind and sun is used. 

If you want to read more about this fantastic material, follow the link below.

Low carbon aluminum

Low carbon aluminium is from now on present in all of our aluminium products. This includes service poles, wall duct channels and profiles. Koldioxidsnål Aluminium finns nu i alla våra aluminiumprodukter, det innefattar uttagsstavar, fönsterbänkskanaler och klamringsband mm.

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Wall duct channels

Service poles