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MP products are perfectly suited to installations in offices and shops. In the case of long distances, we can offer cable ladders and luminaire rails in 6 m lengths, which saves a lot of time. The picture shows Sickla shopping centre in Stockholm, where the ceiling has been fitted out with MP’s perforated cable trays.

Cable ladders

XXL, Jönköping

Cable ladders for long cantilever arm spacing are often required in today’s shop constructions. We also have components for attaching directly to metal walls – known as sandwich walls.

Cable ladders... 
Wall rail sandwich element 700 mm...

Cable trays

Sickla shopping centre, Stockholm

Cable trays are often installed in corridors and are integrated with the suspended ceiling. This creates an attractive and functional installation.

Cable trays...

Wall trunkings

Office, Bromma

Wall trunkings is installed along external walls in offices on cantilever arms, and can also be installed tight against the walls. Mini trunking can be used to bring cabling down e.g. from a cable tray or wire mesh tray above a suspended ceiling.

Wall trunkings...

Floor boxes

Conference and meeting rooms

Conference and meeting rooms often require access to electricity, data and video.
Discreet installation can be achieved e.g. with a floor box under the conference table.

Floor boxes...

Service poles

Munksjötornet, Jönköping

Service poles are an excellent choice when flexibility is required. Usually supplied from suspended ceilings.
It is perfectly possible to design your own pole – try using MP’s in-house configurator.

Service poles/posts...
Calculation assistance...


Global Trac

Car showroom

Lighting rails in the ceiling are an increasingly common sight in shops. They are available with control functions for various purposes.
In the Global Trac version, these are known as "Pulse".

Global Trac...