Tunnel ladders

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MP-FZ – self-supporting cable ladders are commonly found in road tunnels. (Image: City Tunnel, Malmö)

Cable ladders, tunnel

Racks on tunnel wall

Self-supporting cable ladders are often used in road tunnels both as cable carriers on the tunnel walls and racks for emergency lighting, as well as other installations.

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Tunnel ladder RF/SF

Cable ladders, Ulricehamn Tunnel

Stainless steel and acid-resistant cable ladders are available in both a self-supporting version and as heavy cable ladders. We also have a model with an open profile side that has been approved by the Swedish Transport Administration for use in tunnel installations.

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Tunnel ladder, high edges

Tunnel ladder with high edges

For future tunnel projects in Norway, we have developed a tunnel ladder with higher edges, which is a requirement for this market.

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