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MP products are renowned for being "Faster and easier". We have an attentive sales team who work closely with our customers, a group of products that are both ingenious and innovative, as well as a modern factory. All in all, we can be said to be a complete supplier of cable routing equipment.



New range of wall sockets for wall trunkings.
We often talk about working faster and simpler. This is evident in our new range of sockets, for which have designed both the function and appearance. Installed and ready in 25 seconds.


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Wall trunkings...


The demand for slightly larger recessed trunking in the autumn has resulted in the development of a big brother to the earlier TB1032-3.

This trunking has the recessed measurements of 123 mm in width and 65mm in depth. Supplied in 3 metre lengths and mounting boxes and covers are the same as the other trunkings in the range. There are also end caps that cover both the trunking and the edges on the wall.

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A new luminaire bracket has been developed that is suspended at 45° below the cable ladder.

The bracket is mounted by hanging it over the side of the ladder and securing using our standard set of bolts MP-937.

The bracket withstands environments up to C4 and fits all cable ladders except self-supporting (MP-FZ).

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Wire mesh tray with higher edges!
Increasingly large data centres require more cables in e.g. wire mesh trays.
Wire mesh trays with higher edges are now available with a height of 110 mm and in widths ranging from 100-600 mm.

Corrosivity class from C1 (indoors) to C5-M (marine environment).

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New pole base!
The MP-Flex and MP-Duo now have an alternative to the traditional base design. The new base is 10 mm thick and weighs 8 kg. It is available in both white and grey painted versions.

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Z4 or hot-dip galvanised?
A really interesting new product was launched at Elfack in May 2017. Wire mesh trays made from Z4. This material offers better corrosivity resistance than traditional hot-dip galvanised wire mesh trays and is
more beneficial from both an environmental and financial perspective – which means that
everyone wins. 

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