Bagge is one of the latest and most sophisticated of the four vessels. Fitted out in a shipyard in Świnoujście, Poland, 2002.

Bagge has twin ramps (6.35 m wide) on the starboard side and one forward ramp on the port side, which simplifies the unloading of limestone and crushed rock in ports where caterpillar-track loaders are used onboard. Front loaders can also go onboard from this side.

Bagge has a cargo capacity of 6085 tons.

Technical data

Year built   2002 
Max length     95 m 
Max beam    20.02 m
Side wall height     starboard  3.32 m 
                             port  7.22 m
Deck area    1624 m² 
Ramps                 starboard  2  
                              port  1  
Axle load               deck  65 tons 
                               ramp   65 tons 
Draft at max cargo    4.22 m 
Gross registered tonnage    2757 tons 
Net registered tonnage    827 tons
Deadweight    6085 tons
Cargo capacity     
Pulpwood    10500 m³
Wood chips    16000 m³
Limestone/crushed rock    6000 tons